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The initial idea behind this web site was to store everything that a German language teacher might need for their German language classes in one place. Thus, you should be able to find here everything what I considered crucial. Let me take you to a tour.

“Everything that you might need for the very first class with total beginners”

You will now and then have to test students in order to find out at which level they are before they start learning and that is why we will start with the German level test. If you don’t know what to do with the total beginners in the first class, consider drawing their attention to the same words in German and English and explaining them similarities between English and German. This is a good start because that way the learners will figure out that they already know many German words (like Bus, Auto, Hotel etc.). Also, it’s recommended that you explain the basic German pronunciation rules too. Also, if you are a beginner-teacher, you will need some time until you master the checklist for the class preparation. It’s crucial that your timeline is realistic. If you don’t have an idea which textbooks to use, check out these recommended textbooks.


“If you or your students are not beginners any more, there are still many challenges”

If your students are not total beginners any more, you might find useful repeating German through describing pictures. I use this method starting from the A 1.1. level and it worked well even after several first classes, you just have to choose the right picture, give clear instructions and set realistic expectations. If you are teaching numbers, you know how that can be boring. However, if you use these ideas for teaching numbers 0-12, the boredom will disappear. At some point you will also notice that teaching privately can be challenging. If you check out this class preparation for 1 on 1 with a young teenager it can make the process much easier for you.


Teaching in a group is much more interesting, especially if that is teaching youngsters through games. On the other hand, if you are teaching in a public school and working with older teenagers, you know exactly how difficult it can be. That is why I have collected my experience and created this tutorial for people who are teaching older teenagers in a state school. Conversation courses can be challenging because you have to find many interesting topics. Before you start looking further, check out this list of conversational topics for advanced learners.


“You’ll have to use interesting materials and you’ll also have to be a handyman”

As the time goes by, you will notice that you would like to create your own work sheets and exercises. That enables you your personal teacher’s tool kit. There are also many other useful tools that can make your every-day life much easier. Also, you will constantly be asking yourself “how can I work on my student’s vocabulary?” I have also prepared some suggestions related to this topic too and named it vocabulary trainer. However, if you are fed up and would like to make a change in your career, check out these job opportunities for teachers.

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