German swear words

German is not well known by its swear words, but more by its philosophical capacity. However, sometimes you need to be inventive in order to awaken students’ attention. Here are some of German swear words:

ohne Scheiß  (I am not kidding you / no shit?)

Arschloch (asshole)

Fick dich (fuck you!)

Schlampe! (bitch!)

Scheiße! (shit!)

Das ist mir scheißegal! (I don’t give a shit!)

Du blöde Kuh! (you stupid cow!)

Du Weichei! (you sissy!)

Leck mich! (am Arsch)! (kiss my ass!)

Du kannst mich mal! (bite me!)

Du Hurensohn! (son of a bitch!)

verdammter Scheiß! (bloody hell!)

Verpiss dich! (piss off!)


Listen to the song Verpiss dich (Tic Tac Toe)


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