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Find a speaking partner

Author: Jadranka Bokan

You would like to speak in German with someone? Check out these possibilities:

Deutsch für Dich platform

This is a community run by Goethe Institut Germany which enables you to play interactive games at different language levels, to chat with experts, ask questions in forums or even find a learning partner. All that is for free, all you need to do is to register.

Native speakers as speaking partners

In order to find someone who will speak with you in their mother tongue and expect in turn that you speak with them in your mother tongue, you can search for specific groups by Facebook (just enter ‘(name of the foreign language) tandem’ in the search field) or you can register at at tandemapp.me where you will find all possible language combinations. If you are asking yourself how the “exchange” with a native speaker works check out these useful tips and detailed explanation how the concept of learning and speaking with a native speaker works.

Your personal tutor

If you’d prefer to chat / speak with an experienced German Language tutor, who will be available to you 24/7 and guide you through the German language at your own pace feel free to contact me. Book your first chat / speaking / learning session now!

Check out these possibilities to learn German for free