Lazy German

Every teacher knows that feeling when you are working with a class and no matter how hard you try you cannot reach out to them. I was in a similar situation when my students were so disinterested that I wasn’t able to finish Present time with them during the whole schoole year. They were 18 years old, that was their last year in the school and although they were theoretically learning German for at least 3 years they didn’t learn much. So I needed to come up with something that I could do with them. And that is how the ‘LAZY GERMAN’ section came into living. Go through this drop down menu (under the  Lazy German tab in the Main menu far above) and choose the topic that you find most interesting for your students.

If you need some ideas on how to go throw the material that can be found here in classes, you can navigate to Create your own exercises and Useful applications for teachers.

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