Speaking – conversation topics

Author: Jadranka Bokan

For teachers: if you are looking for interesting texts which could be used as stimulation for free speaking and discussion for your students, feel free to use the selected texts below.

  1. Dispute about one very popular German dance hit: Bin ich die einzige, die dieses Lied schrecklich findet? You should read the comments below the original text. Another (Volksmusik-) cover can be found here.

2. Michael Nast Columne: Können Frauen und Männer Freunde sein?

3. Racism in the contemporary Germany: Rassismus setzt sich in Dresden fest

4. New tendencies on the job market: Generation Y

5. Sweden introduces a six hours long working day: Ich träume von einer Revolution

6. Young people need to leave their families and travel abroad: Junge Menschen müssen weit weg von ihrer Familie

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