TOOLS , TIPS and NEWS for GERMAN Language TEACHERS and LEARNERS. A place you will find yourself returning to.

Teachers – This site gives you suggestions on which teaching METHODS AND TOOLS you could use during your classes and provides you with some interesting additional TOPICS which you could go through with your students at any level.

Learners – THIS SITE CANNOT REPLACE YOUR TEACHER – however, you will be able to find here answers to anything that you wished to ask your teacher about. It contains suggestions on which German music you could listen to, which German films you could watch etc.

If you expect that you’ll find here rules on how to build Präsens (Present time), you are in the wrong place. However, if you wish to read jokes about Chuck Norris in German or prompt your students to use German actively, then please feel free to browse through this web site. You are welcome! This is a project in progress so subscribe to my newsletter for new posts or updates.

This is me holding my workshop “Tricks and tools for learning new words in foreign language”

The basic concept behind this project is to support me personally in my daily work as a teacher. It emerged from the need to keep important contents including links at hand. I kept everything that I might need for my classes in some notebooks or folders and some important ideas even went lost because I did not ‘store’ them well. I occurred to me that it would be better if I would keep everything in one place and since it will be useful to me, why wouldn’t I share with the my colleagues around the world?

There are some services which offer the possibility to store your things online. However, I still think German Language Workshop could be more useful both to me and my colleagues/learners. There is the newest dispute in the public about the Open Educational Resources. This is my contribution to it.

If you’d like to learn German with me click here.

P.S. If you are asking yourself why English when this site is dedicated to German – I decided to write this web page in English because I found it easier that way both for teachers who are starting their careers and learners who are starting to learn German. Since the first signs of fatigue appear after only 20 minutes of learning a foreign language, I felt like it would be better if I would write in English instead of German. Cheers!

This is our location:

This is our price list (below). If you wish to request a quote, please contact me directly.

10 EUR / 1 HOUR
In price included:
* Regular course with a text book
* Levels: A1, A2, B1
* 24/7 coverage
15 EUR / 1 HOUR
In price included:
* Exam preparation for any level
* Course with a text book for levels B2, C1
* 24/7 coverage
20 EUR / 1 HOUR
In price included:
* Anything "from scratch"
* Any session tailored exactly to your specific needs
* 24/7 coverage

Tools, Tips and News for German language Teachers and Learners