German pop songs

Using songs is always a good thing if you are working with children, adolescents or even adults.*


My personal favourite is Clueso. If you choose one of his songs you cannot make a mistake. It is a good music and his songs are really good. It is important to say that he was cultural ambassador at Goethe Institut. You can browse through his Youtube channel by clicking here. I would always recommend his The Man because the adolescents will love the video clip too (made by Clueso and his crew).


They have an interesting repertoire too. For lazy students I would recommend the song Du hast which contains that famous sentence in Perfekt: “du hast mich gefragt und ich habe nichts gesagt”. It is simple and captures the students’ attention if you are going to go through Perfekt. It can be used as an introduction to Perfekt. My lazy students (which were an inspiration for the LAZY GERMAN section of the German Language Workshop web page) never got that far. We only listened to the song and they completed a cloze test that I had prepared for them and that was all. We never moved far from Präsens.

Tic Tac Toe

You can use their most famous song Verpiss dich if you plan to go through German swear words with your students.** This is a rap song and you can include even more extensive work on vocabulary.

Wise Guys 

Their song Facebook can be used if you are going through modern communication media and similar topic with your students. The melody and the text are very funny and captivating.

Wie schön, dass du geboren bist

You can teach the students the text of this lovely song and you can sing it together every time someone is celebrating their birthday. The melody is very simple and can be easily learned. The text and melody can be found here. When you get there, just click on the loudspeaker icon above the text and you will hear the melody.

For more Geman music click here.






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