Teaching a younger teenager 1 on 1 – prepare a private class in any foreign language in no time

If you wish to go through some vocabulary with a younger learner of yours, you could consider (apart from explaining what each word means – because that is the first thing that you will do) using these (free) tools:

QUIZLET – this application enables you to create a list of words that you will practice in the class. You can type translation either in your mother tongue or in English. Entering word lists in Quizlet means that your student can play the match-game (match a word with its translation) or a Learn-game (type translations into the foreign language) and test-game which eventually tests if the learner has learned something (type in the answer, multiple choice answers). The good news is that you can even use Quizlet offline. Download your Quizlet here.

NANU? – this is a memo game which can be played in every foreign language and it’s interesting for people from 7 to 77. You can draw words that you need and use 5 plastic lids (red, blue, green, yellow, orange) in order to cover those little drawings on the table. The point is to remember which picture is under which lid. Each player throws a dice (with 5 colours and a joker on its sides) in turn and should guess what is under the lid in the colour he/she got (if they can remember). There are several cards in the game itself, but you can draw yourself as many pictures as you ever might need. You can order your ‘Nanu?’ here.

GALGENMÄNNCHEN (hang man)- your young student will love this game because that way he/she can “hang” you if you are not fast enough to guess the word that he/she had on mind. In order to play this game, one player draws lines on the white board – one line for each letter in the word that he/she has on mind and the other player needs to guess the word before he/she got hanged because every time he/she says a letter which does not show up in the word, one part of his/her body is drawn under the gallows. If you have more time, you could use the LearningApps application in order to create as many hang men games as you like online.

If you have more time, you can prepare dobble cards or Quizzes.

QUIZIZZ – This application enables you to create multiplayer quiz games. It works on computers, tablets, smart phones. Students do not need to create an account in order to play. They can join the game that you have created for them directly (with a game code). It’s interesting because you may use music, avatars, memes and a timer. Try out this app here.

DOBBLE CARDS. If you wish for your student to play (good old traditional) cards and learn or – better said – repeat the words that he/she learnt with you, I highly recommend Dobble cards. You can create your own, customized cards by using a special Dobble generator.  Just read the instructions on the site, the process is quite intuitive, you should not worry. The only thing that can be tricky is that you will need to find appropriate images to use for your cards. In order for you to find some free pictures you could navigate to Clipsart free.  If needed, search for appropriate images on Google. Instructions on how to play this fabulous card game can be found here.

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