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Be creative! Write a blog and make money with it!

This is how you can do it.

Facts from the interview with Rebecca Randak from Fuck lucky go happy* yoga-blog.

– few facts at the beginning: blogging is business, not hobby. Many bloggers have turned their passion into their job, however, a successful blog means that you have invested a lot of time, money and your good sense for business in your blog. You need to be diligent, brave, passionate and open-minded in order to succeed.
– Every blog is different which means that strategies for making money of it are also different. What you see on the surface is just the top of an iceberg – professional  bloggers are often marketing-professionals, managers, photographers, PR-pros, SEO-specialists and journalists at the same time. Or they have money to pay other people to do that work for them which is extremely rare.
– You cannot get rich over night. If you wish to built up loyal audience you need to take a deep berth, position yourself clearly, constantly provide good content and work hard – at least during the first couple of years. Only few bloggers make it to last longer than one season.
– if you work hard and your blog turns out to be successful, you can expect to start making money and become independent (which means that you will no longer need to have a 8-hours job in some firm) after about one year. Only after one year of hard work Rebecca started receiving orders to write good paid articles and the number of her yoga classes rose. Also the blog-business prospered. After two years passed, Rebecca and her colleague were actually able to make a living from their self-made business. Rebecca describes her first blogging years as follows: hard work, little money, adventure – but it has paid off.
– There are primary and secondary sources of income. Primary sources are the ones which come directly through the blog like advertisements for example. Secondary sources are
the ones which wouldn’t be there without the blog and which don’t have to do anything directly with the content of the blog. Rebecca has both sources of income which is very convenient.
– Paid advertisements: you know that side banner on any web page? That is classic advertising. That is when someone pays monthly so that their advertisement appears on your page. There are also advertorials which are sponsored contributions like announcements about some yoga-excursions for example. The same thing is when the blog posts the review of some outdoor clothing etc.
– Good old recommendation (affiliate marketing): it makes sense if you are dealing with other peoples’ products. This basically means that if some of your readers buy a specific product which was recommended by you, one percent of the income goes to you. Rule of thumb: recommend to others only products that you would recommend to you best friend.
– Writing ordered articles for other people: successful blogers are experts in their field of interest, reach wide audience and know how to write good articles. That is why magazines hire them to write for them. They hire you not only as journalist, but as a brand.
– Online goes offline: Rebecca uses her blog to advertise her own yoga classes, workshops and retreats which is a recipe for success.
– Create your own online-product: if you could bond with your audience through some online-product that would make your incomes completely independent from advertisements. Good luck!

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*another successful blog written in German language: Planet Backpack

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