Top oder flop

1) Alle Toten fliegen hoch – Amerika (first part of a trilogy)

This novel describes one episode from the life of the main protagonist – one year that this German boy spent in the USA as an exchange student. It is not too adventurous, however, it contains a number of reasonable “stations” in a life of a teenager. We could say that Joachim Meyerhoff  wrote some kind of a modern version of the “The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole”. The main difference is that this story contains one tragic moment which cannot be overseen despite the comic with which Meyerhoff writes. This is the first part of a trilogy.

2) Reading books for beginners

This Langenscheidt edition (Leo & Co.) is very good. I recommend it very much. The stories are not too long, they contain many every day words, which is very important, and plenty of exercises at the end of each book. You can order you copy here:

Leo & Co. Die Prinzessin                                                                                                   Leo & Co. Ein Hundeleben                                                                                             Leo & Co. Das schnelle Glück

3) Kinderspiele aus der guten alten Zeit


I have used this book so many times. It is full of great ideas and suggestions for indoor and outdoor playing.


The above photo shows the game “Faules Ei”. Kids are sitting on the floor in a circle. One kid goes around and should leave a cloth behind someone. As soon as it happens, he/she should start running around the circle until he/she reaches the place where the cloth is laying. In the meantime, the kid from the spot with the cloth should start running too in order to try to get to his/her place before the other kid. Who reaches the place with the cloth first has won.

You can order your copy of this book here.

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