German quizes

1. Think of as many German words as combinations of these letters:

D  E  U  T  S  C  H  L  A  N  D

2. Think of things that can found themselves in a bag (bellow letters can also be somewhere in the middle of the word):


3. How many people speak German as mother tongue in Europe?
A 132 million people
B 105 million people
C 95 million people

4. How many Nobel prize winners does Germany have?
A 82
B 78
C 38

5. Which German speaking town in the best place for living in the world for the 7th time in a row?
A Zurich
B Munich
C Vienna

6. How many companies in Germany have been founded by women?
A 13 %
B 25 %
C 43 %

7. In how many different ways can you say “money” in German?
A 20
B 15
C 10

8. In which European country is German the most popular foreign language after English?
A Hungary
B Netherlands
C Poland

9. Which of these things is a German invention?
A plastic
B printing
C contact lenses

10. What else can the word “Junge” (boy) mean?
A brother
B boyfriend
C offspring

11. What else can the word “faul” (lazy) mean?
A rotten
B slow
C laying

12. How do you say “very small amount of money” in German?
A wenig Geld
B Kleingeld
C Wechselgeld

13. Most of the nouns in German are…
A masculine
B feminine
C neuter

14. Germany has the world’s largest number of amateur and professional soccer clubs. How many German clubs are members of the German Football Association?

A 26,000
B 7,500
C 630

15. What is the meaning of the word “Audi” (car brand)?
A drive fast!
B do it!
C listen!

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1. more than 30 words: an, na, es, alt, aus, das, des, und, neu, Hut, tun, euch, auch, acht, echt, laut, halt, Tuch, nach,
Nase, Haus, Dach, Land, Lust, Dunst, Sand, Hase, Haut, Sache, Schule, Stuhl, Schade, Schande, Schund, Stand, Stunde,
Tasche, Dusche, duschen, Suche, suchen, halten, lachen, lausen, tauchen, Deutsch, autsch, tausend, schalten. 2. For example:
Taschentuch, Handy, Sonnenbrille, Regenschirm, Uhr, Feuerzeug. 3. 132 4.78 5. Vienna 6. 13 % 7. 15 different words for
“money”: Kohle (coal), Mäuse (mice), Knete (dough), Kröten (frogs), Kies (grit), Moos, (moss), Marie, Zaster, Flöhe (fleas),
Pinkiepinkie, Pulver (powder), Lappen (cloths), Piepen, Koks, Schotter (broken rocks).8. Netherlands (71 %),
Denmark (47 %), Sweden (26 %), Belgium (22 %), Poland (19 %) and Hungary (18 %) 9. printing: Johannes Gutenberg, 1440
10. das Junge = offspring 11. rotten 12. Kleingeld. 13. masculine: 41%, feminine: 35 %, neuter: 24 % 14. 26,000 15. listen!

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