Web sites with free German lessons

You can learn German from home and by yourself. You don’t have to spend money on courses in language schools or leave your home. Check out these possibilities and decide what suits you most:

DeutschInfo – Register and learn German for free from the A1 level to the B1 level. This is an online platform for learning German, which uses modern teaching tools and at the same time provides practical information about living and working in Germany and Austria. The online platform is directed equally at workers with various qualifications, students intending to move to Germany or Austria or who already live there, as well as everyone who needs German at work, school pupils, tourists or residents of countries bordering on Germany and Austria.

Deutsch Interaktiv (DW) – you have to register first in order to be able to use this service. Also, the course flow is linear.

Deutsch Trainer (DW) – 40 lessons with explanations in English. You can chose at any time which part (lesson) you want to learn. This is for the levels A1 and A2.

Deutsch zum Mitnehmen – another course “set” (from A1 to B1 level) provided by Deutsche Welle (DW).   

Lingudora – learn German basic vocabulary. This is mainly for beginner levels (A1 and A2).


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Check out these Free Applications or these YouTube channels for learning German and Free Online Games!

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