Radio Stations in German

For advanced learners (>B1): if you wish to listen to radio in German language, I recommend you the following radio stations:

Different topics: 

If you wish to find various radio stations, just navigate to – you will find there radio stations that broadcast anything: from news, music and sport to comedy and radio dramas (radio dramas livestream: hoerspiel radio).


B5 aktuell broadcasts local and international news in German from their main office in Bayern.

Inforadio rbb broadcasts local and international news from Berlin.

NDR Info broadcast also news, but from Meklenburg-Vorpommern. In the evening you can listen to Jazz in NDR Info and on weekends longer reports.


kronehit is being broadcasted from Vienna (Austria) and I like it very much. They are different because they communicate with the audience whole the time. is something for curious listeners who wish to familiarize themselves with somewhat ‘different’ music both in English and in German. I highly recommend this radio station which broadcasts from München.

radioeins is similar to ego fm – also a very good radio station with good music. They broadcast from Berlin.

gong fm broadcasts mainstream music i.e. currently planetary popular hits.  

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