I ordered my techtiles over Amazone and a friend of mine brought them to me from America. I found out about them in one webinar for German Language teachers and I though I could use them in my classes, mostly during the work with ‘lazy’ students. My intention was to impress them. Those are re-writable stickers with a chip on them. Of course, you can write on them only if you download a special NFC (Near Field Communication) application which is very easy. After you have written something on them, anyone can easily find out what is it by hovering over them with a tablet or any other device which has the NFC.  List of all devices with NFC can be found here. You can use them, for example, in order to write solutions to some exercises on them. If you wish you may order your techtiles  here.


This widget goes beyond the “dress to impress” logic and it is really useful. It is a device which looks like a USB-stick and its purpose is to connect your TV and your tablet, phone or laptop. Once you put Chrome-Cast in your TV, and install the Google Cast application on your mobile device or tablet, anything that displays on your mobile device will show up on the TV.  You can order you Chrome-Cast here. I got mine from America and I really love it!


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