Checklist for the class preparation

This is a very old checklist that can be used both prior and after the class preparation. We obtained it as students from one of our beloved university teachers and it proved to be the heart and soul of a good class preparation for any foreign language teacher.   I read it many times before it became part of my everyday routine.

    • What should learners know at the end of the class? Is the goal clear enough?
    • Does each step (exercises, part-goals) lead to the goal of the class?
    • Which knowledge and experience do the learners need to have in order to be able to do the exercises?
    • Does every learner type (visual, verbal etc.) has the chance to reach the goal?
    • Are the exercises diverse enough?
    • Are the exercises interesting/motivating/stimulating enough for the learners?
    • Can every exercise be resolved?
    • Are the instructions easy and clear enough for the learners?
    • Who corrects whom and how?
    • Are there exercises for acquiring of the new learning material?

  •  Does every learner has a chance to say something?
  • Is the time table realistic?
  • Are additional materials needed? Which? For  whom?

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