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I do not prefer translations into German because I like to read native German writers. I red many German books lately but none of them I could recommend as much as Vea Kaiser and her “Blasmusikpop”. It is fresh and funny, you feel that urge to continue with reading as soon as possible. I cannot remember that I enjoyed reading that much since I finished my studies of German language and that was some 15 years ago. My favourite German writer is Thomas Mann and Vea Kaiser managed to intrigue me in almost the same way he did. You can read a recension to her book here although I do not completely agree with this recension – even in the parts of the novel when Vea ‘did not know about what to write’, she definitely knew how to do it. You can order your copy here. Vea’s second book “Makarionissi” can be ordered here.


So, you are teaching German, but you would like to read a good German book from time to time. Before you decide to read any book, let me recommend a magazine for you. Have you ever heard of Neon? That magazine is the most exciting thing that I have read in last ten to fifteen years. It is fresh, colourful, young but mature and it covers various topics from lifestyle to politics. This magazine will keep you up-to-date with the top things that you need to know about the contemporary Germany.  Thanks to this magazine I discovered my favourite German speaking contemporary author – Vea Kaiser.


If you would like to read theoretical articles about the newest tendencies in the field of teaching methods, written by experts and supported by Goethe Institut, then you can opt for Fremdsprache Deutsch. Another possibility for you would be to browse through my web page – it is full of practical advices which have been extracted from this magazine.


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